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North Carolina Motorcycle Meltdown

Thousands of people strolled down Locust Street in the downtown 7th Avenue District to look at the hundreds of motorcycles lined up for blocks for the 11th Annual NC Meltdown.

STAND T.A.L.L. had a tent there to raffle off a cute K-9 plush German Shepherd and provide information to the attendees about the many ways our nonprofit supports law enforcement including their K-9 divisions.

Sharon Hanson, Kurt Becker, Tim Grutzius, Joe Galvin and Ron Kauffman manned the booth during the event, the drawing for the plush K-9 was done and the winner, John McConagay Jr. of Pisgah Forest was announced at the end of what was a beautiful and successful day.

The K-9 was shipped to Mr. McConagay the following business day.

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