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Peer Support & Mental Health for Law Enforcement

STAND T.A.L.L. is now assisting area law enforcement departments with financial support for staff members who may be dealing with the aftermath of a critical incident in which they were involved. Working with the NC Law Enforcement Assistance Program (NCLEAP), we are helping to sponsor Peer Support seminars that provide Post Critical Incident Seminars using outside clinicians and mental health professionals.


THE CONCEPT – Law enforcement personnel are part of a family. They are brothers and sisters locally, regionally, and statewide. In Peer Support seminars, those dealing with personal and job-related issues come together to form a support network for the mental, emotional, and physical health of their fellow officers. To accomplish this, they involve highly trained professionals, most of whom have been through similar trauma and understand the challenges being faced and are there to answer the call for help.

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No member of law enforcement is the same, or has the same story, but together they’ve battled everything. Peer groups are made up of volunteers that have walked your walk and are eager to help. They're here for you if and when you're ready to talk to someone and we encourage everyone to reach out for assistance. Here are some of the issues that peer group address:

*Drug Abuse – *Anxiety - *Sadness/Depression
*Problematic Drinking - *Trouble Sleeping/Insomnia - *PTSD

INDIVIDUAL PEER SUPPORT - Whether you are on active duty or retired, peer groups match you with a man or woman of LE who has walked in your shoes. You can talk to someone who knows your experiences firsthand.


IMMEDIATE GROUP NEEDS - Sometimes a whole shift or department is reacting to an event. This concept provides trained local and area peer specialists that can come out usually within 48-96 hours who can help lead a healthy discussion, which is the first step towards healing.


DEPARTMENT OUTREACH PRESENTATIONS – STAND T.A.L.L. can provide trained professionals who can come to you to talk about what Law Enforcement Peer Support Group is all about and how it benefits the professionals of law enforcement.


FAMILY OUTREACH PRESENTATIONS - Your loved ones are on this journey as well. We can help you plan and facilitate an event that includes the families of law enforcement.

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