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STAND T.A.L.L. Donates a High-Tech Fingerprint Filtration System to Fletcher Police Department

A key aspect of crime scene investigations is the collection of any fingerprint evidence that may provide a lead or confirm a suspect through that person’s fingerprints. In the past, fingerprint evidence had to be sent to another department to be saved in a specific usable form. Those prints could then be run through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), a computerized storage system for tens of millions of fingerprint images. The AFIS database picks out the most likely matches to the new print being fed into the system, narrowing the search parameters for investigators. That process took time and was not the most efficient way to assure timely confirmation of an arrest or identification of a possible suspect.

Detective Beauchamp dusting for fingerprints

Fletcher Police Chief Dan Terry contacted STAND T.A.L.L. stating that he didn’t have the money, more than $3900, in his budget to purchase a Downflow Workstation. This is a highly specialized piece of equipment for capturing and securing fingerprints so they can be entered into the local Henderson County Sheriff’s Office AFIS system.

The equipment that the FPD wanted is part of a line of filtered downflow fume hoods for air filtration. The workstation is used to keep personnel safe while preparing evidence from a wide range of sources including forensic fingerprint powder, chemical, dental, forensic, histology, industrial, microscopy, pharmaceutical, and veterinary materials.

“This is a timesaving game-changer for us,” said FPD Chief Terry, “we’re now able to process and validate fingerprints from a crime scene in just a few days. This equipment has already helped us identify suspects and close several cases that our people have been working on for some time. Without STAND T.A.L.L. we might still be waiting for fingerprint results in some cases. We can’t thank them enough for all they do for us and other departments throughout western NC.”

Ron Kauffman, president of the local nonprofit noted that “Law enforcement is critical to the safety and security of all of us. Providing support to law enforcement is our primary Mission. While STAND T.A.L.L. is perhaps best known for our support of the area’s K-9 departments, we do much more, and this is just another example of that.” Kauffman went on to say, “Our goal, with the help and generosity of the residents of our local communities, is to continue to make a positive difference through our various projects throughout western North Carolina.”

Chief Dan Terry & Ron Kauffman

To donate, or for additional information about STAND T.A.L.L. you may visit their website at, by email at, or by telephone at (828) 393-0900. Tax-deductible donations are welcome and may be made online at their website. The Sentinel Patriot Club dba STAND T.A.L.L.© is a North Carolina 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


For media information contact:

Ron Kauffman, Founder & President


Direct Line: 828-696-9799 – Mobile: 561-818-0039

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