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The Return Safely Verification Program, R.S.V.P. ® is our community-wide effort to enable families and organizations to give law enforcement when called upon, a better opportunity to find missing persons and bring them safely home.

Three vulnerable populations found in most communities are persons on the autism spectrum, those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and young children. In 2017, the FBI National Crime Center reported that of the 650,000 missing persons, more than 450,000, over 70% were children.

STAND T.A.L.L. is working with law enforcement, community leaders and organizations to implement their R.S.V.P. Return Safely Program®. We do this by offering scent discriminate K-9 trailing products from the industry leading Scent Evidence K9 Company to those caring for seniors with memory loss, parents of autistic and disabled children and adults, and to families with young children. Used properly, these kits provide an added level of protection should a loved one go missing.

We’re undertaking this effort because we understand that every person that goes missing is important to a family, spouse or care facility, and that a lost individual deserves the best available resources to assist with their being located and returned home safely.

STAND T.A.L.L. recently received the endorsement Sheriff Lowell Griffin of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, and is working with facilities and organizations that serve populations that may be at high risk of wandering and going missing. Our R.S.V.P. Return Safely Program® scent kits provide an added tool to help you to be prepared should an at-risk child or adult go missing.

We hope you too will see the value in participating in this program.

"The Henderson County Sheriff's Office recognizes this innovation as a fantastic idea for use with both children and adults who are at risk for becoming lost or endangered."
L.S. Griffin
Sheriff, Henderson County 
North Carolina


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