Dino the dog


Protecting members of law enforcement by providing needed financial support and equipment are just two of the goals of STAND T.A.L.L., a NC 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We’ve started a fundraiser to purchase the bulletproof protective vest for Dino, the CPD K-9, and we need your financial support.

Recently the Columbus Police Department authorized the formation of their new K-9 corps and allocated the money necessary to purchase and train Dino, a Belgian Malinois, and the newest member of the Department.  CPD didn’t however, have the necessary funds to purchase a protective vest for the 14-month old Dino.

Sgt. Cody Gordon, who will be heading the CPD K-9 corps, spoke to his K-9 counterpart at the Hendersonville Sheriff’s Department, Lt. Kevin Holden who suggested that he (Gordon) contact Sharon Hanson, vice President of STAND T.A.L.L. Ms. Hanson previously led the effort in Henderson County to raise funds for a total of eight protective K-9 vests for all the dogs of the HCSO K-9 corps.

Sgt. Gordon called and spoke to Ms. Hanson, and quickly realized that she is an avid animal lover. He explained the department’s need of a vest. Ms. Hanson received approval from the STAND T.A.L.L. Board of Directors and is taking the lead in the effort to raise funds for the K-9 vest.  These vests are very expensive, costing $1750 each.  Every vest is custom fit and features the latest in lightweight, bullet-proof, slash and puncture-resistant technology. Dino’s vest will provide him with an added layer of protection when he and Sgt. Gordon are on duty patrolling together.

When asked about the offer from STAND T.A.L.L., Sgt. Gordon said, “This is incredible. We’re so fortunate to have an organization like STAND T.A.L.L. that not only supports what we in law enforcement do, but is willing to step up and raise the funds needed for our K-9’s vest. I and the department can’t thank them enough for what they are doing to assist us.”

STAND T.A.L.L. president, Ron Kauffman said, “We are happy to be able to work with CPD and Polk County area law enforcement. I know we can count on the animal lovers in Western NC to support our fundraising efforts to purchase this custom made protective vest for Dino, CPD’s first K-9.”