The “Kids & Cops” program, now in its third year is a year-around joint collaborative effort with the Henderson County Boys & Girls Club, and local area law enforcement. It is focused on helping our most precious resource, the youth of our community, particularly minority, at-risk, and those children who face family challenges of a single parent home or come from low-income households dealing with situations that are often beyond their control, making it difficult for some of them to face the challenges, often creating negative attitudes toward local law enforcement.

“Kids & Cops” involves off duty law enforcement, compensated by STAND T.A.L.L. with the more than 350 members who attend after school on a daily basis and over 1,100 kids annually. It provides the children with an opportunity to engage in a positive interaction with law enforcement.
The police, in addition to enhancing security for the children and staff, focus on establishing better relationships with the club members by helping with homework, playing indoor sports with them, listening to their concerns, sharing in friendly conversations and when asked, offer a helping hand with solutions to problems some may be facing.