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STAND T.A.L.L. began when founder Ron Kauffman heard David Clarke, former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, speak at an exposition in Atlanta in 2016. Clarke described many of the challenges and dangers that the men and women of law enforcement face in the line of duty, and asked that those attending the conference say “thank you” to law enforcement officers when they went back to their hometowns.

Ron did more than just say thanks; upon his return to Hendersonville, he decided he’d launch a program that would support local law enforcement officers by fostering positive relationships between them and our communities, as well as provide support for unbudgeted needs they have in performing their duties. STAND T.A.L.L. was born.

T.A.L.L. is an acronym for “Thank a Local Lawman.” The organization’s website was originally www.thankacop.org but was recently changed to www.thestandtall.org to reflect their broader work and mission within the community while still working closely with area law enforcement.

STAND T.A.L.L. has created three pillars of support for the work we do:

Community Support Programs: “Kids & Cops” and “R.S.V.P – Return Safely.”

“Kids & Cops” fosters positive communication between at-risk kids and the Hendersonville Police Department. Off duty officers volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County’s after school program, which has more than 350 children in attendance each day. The officers help the kids with homework, play sports, and provide a listening ear, which often bolsters a sense of trust with the children.

“R.S.V.P. – Return Safely” provides support and tools to help law enforcement locate seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, children with autism, and the developmentally disabled who have wandered away from home and become lost.

Law Enforcement Support

Law Enforcement Support helps raise money for unbudgeted needs of officers such as recertification training, continuing education classes, foul weather gear for the motorcycle division, and outer protective vests for officers. Couples’ stress management classes are also offered as part of this pillar.

K-9 Division Support

This pillar provides funds for the dogs that serve alongside our officers. Funds raised have purchased a new K-9 dog, provided the training and certification necessary for his handling and care, and provided supplies such as a protective dog vest and dog food. A new K-9 Agility Park has been built at the County Sheriff’s Department. In addition to other duties, the K-9 division works with R.S.V.P. – Return Safely to help locate developmentally disabled children and seniors who have gone missing.


Stand TALL is proud to support the officers of Henderson County. To learn how you can help, call us at 828-393-0900, or visit our Get Involved website page to learn more. And don’t forget to thank a local lawman today!