Stand T.A.L.L. was recently recognized in the Mountain Xpress for our donation of $1,000 to Break Point. Break Point is a community outreach program of West Hendersonville Baptist Church, which provides a safe place for on- and off-duty countywide law enforcement, fire department, EMS, rescue squad, and state patrol personnel to take a break from their duties.

Break Point, which has been open for a year and a half, is not open to the general public — only to city and county first responders. Sworn personnel can enjoy a snack, grab a meal, and talk their colleagues. The outreach program is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic; now that restaurants, coffee shops, and other public places are closed, officers are finding it difficult to get food or something to drink, or even take a restroom break while performing their duties.

Stand T.A.L.L. was contacted by a Hendersonville police officer, who saw that Break Point needed additional resources to meet the growing demands for the items they needed. Within 48 hours, our board approved a $1,000 donation to help them keep their pantry stocked.

“We're pleased and proud to be supporting those who serve and protect us during these difficult times,” says Ron Kauffman, President of Stand T.A.L.L. To learn how you can get involved to help our local law enforcement, click here.