On Monday, February 1, 2021, Stand T.A.L.L. donated three breach kits to the Hendersonville Police Department. The presentation was featured on WLOS.

The kits, which cost $500 each, were requested by HPD and are used for door breaching, a process used by police to enter closed and/or locked doors. The special breaching tools are designed exclusively for law enforcement and provide them the power and precision to gain immediate entry into a building or vehicle while minimizing the risk of injury to the officers using the tools.

The HPD still needs three more kits, and we need your help to raise the funds to provide them. Additionally, we have been asked to raise funds to provide K-9 Medical Field Trauma Kits for the K-9s of the Black Mountain and Maggie Valley Police Departments, as well as a protective vest for the Maggie Valley K-9.

The total cost for the K-9 protective vest is $1750.00. Each K-9 Trauma Kit is $510.

We need your financial support to provide our law enforcement officers with this much-needed equipment. Please click here to donate to these worthy causes.