Covid-19 is creating an unprecedented level of change in our daily lives. Check out this article from The Patriot Post about the importance of social distancing. 

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From the article by Mark Alexander at The Patriot Post:

"...Historically, there is a good case study for social distancing, though it was not called that at the time. Regarding the aforementioned 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, the infection and death rates in two cities is demonstrative of the effectiveness of social distancing.

As soldiers were preparing to depart for WWI, the city of Philadelphia determined that it would not cancel its public events and parades, and delayed taking other measure to limit the viral spread. Meanwhile the city of St. Louis decided it would cancel its public events and parades. And after detecting its first cases, St. Louis city officials closed schools, public buildings and churches, and banned gatherings of more than 20 people. They also ordered staggered work shifts and limited use of public transportation.

The outcome: St. Louis had half the per capita death rate of Philadelphia."